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How to Create Sales Group in SAP | Sales Group SAP

This training tutorials guide you how to create sales group in SAP Sales and Distribution (SD)

IMG Menu Path :-

SPRO > SAP Implementation Guide (IMG) > Enterprise Structure > Definition > Sales and Distribution > Maintain Sales Group


Step 1 :- Enter T Code SPRO in SAP Command Field and press enter from Key board



Step 2 :- In next screen Click on SAP Reference IMG



Step 3 :- Follow the IMG Menu Path



Step 4 :- Next click on New entries to maintain new sales group



Step 5 :- In Next screen update the required data

  • Sales Group :- Enter 3 digits key of Sales Group
  • Description :- Update the description of the sales group


Step 6 :- After maintaining Sales group and description click on save Icon



Thus sales groups are successfully configured in SAP SD

data saved