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How to create Sales order in SAP

Create Sales order

The following training tutorials guides how to create sales order in SAP

SAP Path: Logistics> Sales and Distribution> Sales> Order> Create

Transaction Code: VA01

On the screen “create sales order: Initial screen” update the following fields and press enter

  1. Enter order type (OR = Standard Order).
  2. Enter appropriate sales organization.
  3. Enter appropriate Distribution channel.
  4. Select the division (00 = Header Division).
  5. Click on create with reference if you want to create sales order with reference.

create sales order initial screen


On the create standard order overview screen, enter the following data.

    1. Enter customer code in sold-to-party and ship-to-party
    2. Enter appropriate PO#
    3. Enter request delivery date
    4. Select the proper material number
    5. Enter order quantity


create sales order

After updating all the mandatory data, click on save icon to save the configured data.

A message “Standard order 10000410 has been saved” is displayed.

standard order has been saved