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How to maintain plan versions in SAP

Maintain Plan versions

The following training tutorials guides how to maintain plan version in SAP step by step.

Path: – SPRO > Controlling >Profit center accounting > Basic settings > Control area settings > Activate direct postings > Plan versions > Maintain plan versions.

Transaction code: – SPRO.

Enter transaction code SPRO in the SAP command field and enter.


Select SAP Reference IMG.

sap reference IMG

Follow the IMG path and select maintain plan versions.

maintain lan version sap path

Click on new entries button.

general version defination

Update the following data.

How to maintain plan versions

Click on save button to save the data. Now come back and select version and double click on settings for profit center accounting.

settings for profit center accounting

Set your controlling area and enter.

controlling area ad06

Select new entries and update the following data as shown below.

How to maintain plan versions in SAP

Click on save button and save the configured entries. Thus successfully plan versions area maintained in SAP.