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How to Maintain Purchasing Organisation in SAP MM

This Tutorial guides you how to Maintain Purchasing Organisation in SAP MM

Create Purchasing Organisation in SAP Step by Step

IMG Menu Path :-  Customizing Implementation Guide >  Enterprise Structure > Definition > Material Management > Maintain > Maintain Purchasing Organisation

T Code for Maintain Purchasing Organisation :- OX08

Step 1 :- Enter T Code SPRO in the SAP Command Field

Step 2 :- Click on SAP Referrence IMG


Step 3 :- Follow the menu path as per below screen shot for creating new purchase organisation


Step 4 :- Click on new entries

Maintain Purchasing Organisation entries

Step 5 :- Update the following data and press enter

Maintain Purchasing Organisation in SAP MM

Purch.Organisation :- Enter 4 digits Key that identifying the purchase organisation

Purch. Org. descr. :- Update the description of the purchase organisation

Step 6 :-  Click on save icon 


 Thus Purchasing Organisation is successfully configured in SAP Material Management