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SAP ABAP/4 Statements Overview

SAP ABAP/4 Statements overview

The following SAP ABAP training guides about an overview of SAP ABAP/4 statements

In SAP ABAP/4, statements consists of a command and variables, options and ending with a period.

The following point are to be considered while writing the statements

  • SAP ABAP/4 editor converts all the text to upper-case except text strings like (text with ‘).  The Data that stored in the database can be in the form of data and commands that helps to interact with the operating systems
  • SAP ABAP/4 doesn’t have any restriction on the layout of the statements, so the multiple statements can be update in a single line and single statements can be extend to  multiple lines.
  • Blank lines can be placed anywhere in the program.

Commenting the Code

ABAP allows for the use comment statements inside the programs or in lines. Comment statements is performed by a programmer to document the purpose of statements in a programs.

Introductory statements for programs

Introductory statements for programs

Internal Statements-

SAP ABAP/4 Statements Overview- Internal Statements