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What is SAP BADI (Business Add Ins) and How to Implement


SAP BADI stands for Business Add Ins and it is similar to Customer Exits. BADI make it possible to customize and custom enhancements to SAP systems.

Features of SAP BADI

  1. BADI’s are Object Oriented function modules, and can be implemented number of times. They don’t require any SAP Software Change Registration.
  2. Another feature is that if BADI upgrades and it does not affect its functionality.

BADI Types

There are two types of BADIs (business add ins)

  1. User defined Badi’s:- There are created by the programmer as per your organization requirements
  2. Standard Badi’s: – These are predefined in the SAP systems.

We present an example of a BADI below, where a custom enhancement is added to HR

Step 1: – Create SAP BADI by using t-code “SE18”

SAP BADI builder

Step 2: –  Define BADI interface by using transaction code “SE19”

SAP BADI implementation