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What is SAP BO Business Objects

SAP BO Business Objects Overview

SAP BO stands for Business Objects and it is one of the world’s most important makers of BI software. It uses the Adobe Flash Platform in combination with Xcelcius and Explorer solutions. SAP Business Objects provides a very effective dashboards, visual capacities, effective filtering and excellent data search capabilities.

SAP BO (Business Objects) has simplified the use of the highly sophisticated business intelligence software. With SAP Business Objects, exploring data structures and looking for queries is very simple. Because of SAP Business Objects, SAP BI is becoming increasingly popular and more often integrated with other SAP modules than before.

How SAP BO has transformed SAP:

SAP had little presence in business intelligence till it acquired the top maker of business intelligence or BI software, Business Objects in 2007. Business Objects had by then had 42,000 customers and already had a pole position in the business intelligence market, offering some of the most popular BI solutions in the field. The acquisition of Business Objects gave SAP the access to a spectacular portfolio of businesses, such as Xcelsius. Xcelsius makes it possible for users to convert static enterprise data from any possible source to rich and dynamic views.

what is SAP BO Business Objects

SAP BO features

  1. Extending new features to the already existing software is something SAP BO done brilliantly. Xcelcius has been SAP Business Objects’s most important product – but that hasn’t stopped SAP from adding more features to it, such as the Adobe Flex Builder.
  2. Another great feature is Adobe LiveCycle Data Services ES, which makes it possible to directly link Xcelsius to a customer’s enterprise data. This allows a prototype to be finished much faster and be working in little time.
  3. Flex  is another great extension to Xcelsius that uses an Adobe AIR widget to allow customers to work with data online or offline. This way, users can easily connect to Xcelsius.

How Adobe Flash platform adds to SAP Business Objects

Adobe Flash Platform makes it possible for SAP BO customers to rapidly search and dig deeper into  as many as hundreds of millions of rows of data which gives an excellent idea of almost anything.

How SAP Business Objects has completely transformed 

SAP BO (Business Objects) has set a high level of interaction between the SAP system and the customer, making the data across all SAP modules easily available, especially by leveraging the Adobe Flash Platform. This enables users to work in a visual, slide-and-dial environment, allowing for a very sophisticated user interaction.

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