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SAP MM Interview Questions and Answers

Here a list of SAP MM Interview questions for freshers and experienced. Refer below SAP MM interview questions (SAP Material Management) one by one and get prepared well for job. we ensure 100% success for your interviews after referring below interview questions. 

SAP MM Interview Questions – Material Management

  1. Tell me about SAP Material Management? and its importance in SAP R/3?
  2. How SAP MM module is integrated with other SAP modules?
  3. What is a Client?
  4. How to create a Client in SAP Material Management module?
  5. What is SAP?
  6. What is IDES?
  7. Difference between SAP R/1, R/2,R/3 ?
  8. What are the different modules in SAP R/3 system?
  9. What is mySAP ERP?
  10. What are the Important Components of SAP MM module and how they are used in SAP?
  11. Tell me about Organisational Structure of SAP MM?
  12. Define Company and how to create company?
  13. Define Company Code and how company code is created?
  14. How do you assign “company code” to company?
  15. Define Plant?
  16. What are the important Prerequisites for creating a plant in SAP?
  17. How do you assign plant to company code?
  18. Which Organization unit is entered when creating Purchasing view of any material
  19. What is Storage Location? how to maintain storage locations?
  20. How Storage Locations are created automatically?
  21. What is Valuation Areas?
  22. What is Purchase Organisation? How it is configured?
  23. What is Chart of Accounts in SAP?
  24. How many charts of accounts can be assigned to a single company code?
  25. What are the different types of master records data in SAP MM module?
  26. What is a Material Master?
  27. What are the Data is maintained in Material master at client level and company code level?
  28. How to delete materials permanently from material master?
  29. How to extend materials to a new plant ?
  30. What is a Batch? How to create a Batch Record?
  31. What is a class type and how to configure in SAP system?
  32. How Vendor Master Records are created?
  33. What are the Special Stocks available in SAP?
  34. What is a Consignment stock?
  35. Explain Differences between Externally owned and company owned special stocks?
  36. Explain Procurement cycle in organisation?
  37. Explain how Purchase Order (PO), Purchase Requisition (PR), MRP  are created?
  38. Define consignment cycle?
  39. What is Subcontracting? How subcontracting PO is created?
  40. What is Material Type? How to create Material Type?
  41. How to Create material movement type in SAP?
  42. Explain Purchase Requisition (PR), Purchase Order (PO)
  43. Define Tolerance Keys?
  44. Explain Pricing Procedure?
  45. Define Scheme group and Scheme determination?