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SAP Testing Interview Questions and Answers

Top SAP Testing Interview Questions

List of best SAP testing interview questions and answers that helps to get success during your job interview.

1. What is SAP testing?

SAP testing helps to detect and rectify errors at all project phases. So it gives the high confidence that the SAP application supports business process as per organization requirements from the day of go-live phase.

2. What is Defect prevention?

It is technique used to find and rectify errors before they effect the development phase.

3. What are the types of tests are used to test the SAP R/3?

The important types of SAP test are

  • Unit testing
  • Development testing
  • Integration testing
  • Performance testing
  • User acceptance testing
  • Regression testing

4. What is unit testing in SAP?

Unit testing is done at the transaction level that related to configuration. For example customer master data, vendor data, purchase orders creation and so on. It focus on master record, transactions, roles and profiles.

5. For what purpose development testing is used?

It is use to test various Reports, workflows, forms and so on. Development team is responsible for executing the development test.

6. What is Performance testing?

It is used to test for determining the time taken to perform the actions. It helps to determine the system to meet and fulfill the service level agreement.

7. What is Integration testing?

After all sap modules are implemented, Integration testing is used to test whether all the posting are working properly that cuts across SAP modules, for e.g order to cash, procure to pay (p2p) and so on.

8. Tell me about user acceptance testing?

User acceptance testing is done at end user level those who are executing applications. They run and test the scenarios if any defects are found, the configuration team members resolve these defects during this test.

9. What is regression testing and give one example?

This is used to test previous working system is not affected by the introduction of new system changes. For example organization bought new company and we have to create one or more company code, after configuration we have tested and it working perfectly. So old configuration does not effect any errors due to new configuration.

10. What is manual testing?

Manual testing is done manually to identify the bugs and errors. It is used to test for data issues, for e.g if the master data has errors, with manual testing tester can rectify the master data errors.

11. What is Automated testing?

Automated testing is used to perform tests based on regular interval of times, with the help of scripts you can specify what needs to tested.

12. Explain difference b/w control and control object?

Control is a object for which we want to do testing, where the control object is purpose of control and assigned at sub process level.

13. What is test case?

Test case is a template that every organization maintains and used to test implemented data during project execution according to the scenarios that test cases are created.

14. What are the testing tools can be used to test web shop performance?

We can use testing tools like load runner and mercury.

15. What is SAP?

SAP is a ERP business software package that designed to integrate all areas of business and it provide solutions for all operations. Read more for about SAP

16. Specify types of testing?

There are different types of testing such as black box testing, white box testing, security testing, recover test and so on.

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