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What is SAP CRM (Customer relationship Management)

What is SAP CRM

What is SAP CRM: SAP CRM stands for customer relationship management. SAP CRM module is one of the best tool provided by SAP and supports customer related process end to end. The main concept of SAP CRM is managing the and maintaining relationship with customers by firms. It deals with acquisition of customers and to its final termination.

SAP CRM enable a firm to obtain a 360 degree over there customers and various functions such as accounts receivable (A/R), invoicing, fulfilment, delivery, decision making and various functions.

SAP CRM module is integrated with other SAP modules such as SCM (Supply chain management), PLM (Product life cycle management), SRM (Supplier relationship management) and with various modules.

Why CRM:

  • To have good relationship with customers and attract new customers.
  • Effective Communication with customers.
  • To increase the sales and maximize the profits.
  • Analyzing customers, vendors and partners.

Goals of CRM:

  • Providing better and best customer service
  • Selling products more effectively
  • Discovering new customers and maintaining relation with existing customers.

Versions: –

  • SAP CRM 7.0 released in 2009
  • SAP CRM 6.0 released in 2007
  • SAP CRM 5.0 released in 2006


SAP CRM is one of the import tool in SAP ERP functionality. CRM enables the firms to know about there customers and maximize profit ans expand the revenue. It enable trade promotional management to improve visibility and control in to the trade promotion process.

SAP CRM Solution: –

SAP CRM solution contains various modules with various functions areas such as CRM marketing, sales and services, mobility solutions, web-client, Trade management, analytics, E-commerce, SAP IPC, SAP mobile client and server.

CRM key features:

SAP CRM consists of three sub modules – Marketing, Sales & Services.

What is SAP CRM (Customer relationship Management)

 Advantages of CRM

  • Increases customer satisfaction and attract new customers.
  • Growth in number of customers in a high competition business world.
  • It reduces cost and maximize profits.
  • Boosts employee productivity and morale.

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