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Create Revenue Elements in SAP

Create Revenue Elements in SAP

Revenue Elements :- You have to create revenue elements as cost elements in Controlling (CO), in order to use revenue accounting.  The creation of Revenue Element is same as the Primary Cost Elements creation. we have to create gl  for cost accounting before creating cost elements

To manage Revenue  elements, you can use the categories . Celem Category which will be 11 for Revenue and 12 for Sales Deduction.

SAP Menu :– Controlling > Cost Element Accounting > Master Data > Cost Elements > Individual Processing > Create Primary

Transaction Code :- KA01

Step 1 : – Enter T Code in the SAP command field and press enter

Step 2 :– Enter Controlling area in the field and press enter’

controlling area ad06

Step 3 : – In next screen update the following data

Cost Element :- Enter cost element number

Valid From : – Enter valid period from to period 

create revenue elements

Step 4 : – 

Enter 11 if the elements relates with revenue /sales or enter 12 if elements relates to external settlement

Create Revenue Elements in SAP

Select save icon or ctrl+s  to save the configured revenue elements