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Define House Bank in SAP | House Banks overview

Define House Bank in SAP

House bank of a company code is represented by a bank id through which you can process  payment transactions. It is used for the purpose of payment programme, check deposit, automatic payment program (APP), and bank reconciliation

  • A house bank in SAP is identified by a 5 character alphanumeric code. Each house bank ID is unique within a company code and a company code can have multiple house banks.
  • Each house bank in SAP system is associated with a country key representing the country where the bank is located.
  • House banks can have more than one bank account id, account ID is unique for a specific bank ID and company code. The account ID is used for entering specifications for the payment program and for updating the G/L Account Master records

SAP R/3 IMG Path : – SPRO >> Financial accounting >> Bank accounting >> Bank accounts >> Define house banks

Transaction code : – FI12

Step 1 : –  Enter transaction code FI12 in the SAP command field and press enter

Enter the company code and enter

Define House Banks

Step 2 : – Click on “New Entries”

House Bank in SAP entriesUpdate the following fields

  1. House Bank : – Enter the 5 character alphanumeric code
  2. Bank Key : -Enter Bank key  (Read more how to create bank key)
  3. Communication data :- Enter the telephone number and contact person

Define House Bank in SAP

Click on save icon to save the configured data. Successfully you have created house bank in SAP.

Bank Accounts

Click on bank accounts option to maintain details of bank.

house bank account id creation

In next screen, Update the following details.

  • Account id: – Update the two digits account id
  • description: -Update the description of bank id
  • Bank Account number: – Update your bank account number
  • Currency: -Update the currency of bank account

bank accounts

After maintain all the details, click on save button to save the configured bank details.