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How to create SmartForms in SAP


The following training tutorials guides you how to create smart forms step by step in SAP ABAP. SAP Smartforms are excellent alternatives used to SAP Scripts and referred as mass printing as they are system independent. They allow printing forms in Customer Relationship Management as well as in the applications SAP Sales and Distribution, SAP Financial accounting, and Human Resources.

Smart forms require less time to create and execute than SAP scripts, and it does not require much programming language for programmer as smart forms have a completely graphical user interface to operate. It is integrated into HTML so it can be used easily in internet applications.

You can maintain smart forms by using one of the following navigation method.

  • Path: – SAP Menu ->> Tools ->> Form print out ->> Smart forms
  • Transaction code: – SMARTFORMS

Step 1: – Enter transaction code “SMARTFORMS” in the sap command field and enter.

Transaction code SMARTFORMS

Step 2: – On the initial screen, update name of a new form.


Step 3: – In form attributes under global settings, Update the description of smart form.

SAP ABAP Form builder

Step 4: –  Select “Form interface” and update parameters names, type assignment, associated type.

SAP Form interface

Step 5: – Select global definitions and, write a program to calculate the number of Customers. Give Input and output parameters.

SAP Global definitions smartforms

Step 6: – In next step select create and select complex section from context menu

complex section

Step 7: – Update section and its description.

smart form section 1

Select data and update details of internal table.

internal table-smartforms

Step 8: – Select the context menu and create a Text Element.

section smart forms

Update the names of the fields of internal table in the General Attributes tab.

fields name smart forms

Step 9: – From text element select menu and click on Program lines.

create program smartforms

Update the program line under the general attribute.

program line smart forms


complex section smart forms

Step 10: – Repeat the same process,

section 2 smart forms

Choose the Data and specify the Loop internal tables as shown below

SAP FORM builder

Step 11: – On Header and Footer events, update the Height of the Footer.

header and footer smart form

Select the Header node and check the New Line checkbox.

SAP hear - smart form

Step 12: – select Create and click on Text as shown below.


smartform builder

Step 13:- Under Footer Event select Create  and then click on Command.

command smart forms

commanding forms

Select the “go to new page” option.

go tonew page

Update field name and comparison value.

change command smartforms

Step 14: – Enter transaction code “SE78” in SAPcommand field and enter.

sap script grapics

Select the graphics and update the name of graphicsGrapics gui smart forms

On pop up window, select Resides in the Printer Memory and press enter to continue.

SAP script grapical management

Thus the  graphic has been successfully imported into the SAP graphics management.

grapics imported

Step 15: – Select the %PAGE1 node. From the context menu click Create and select Graphic.

pages and windowssmartforms

Update graphic name Object, ID, Color attribute and Resolution.

attribution smart forms

Now active the form, click on form and then select active (shift+f3)

activate form

Successfully Smartform has been created in SAPABAP. Now you can use the same process to create any number of SAP Smartforms.