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What is LSMW in SAP – Overview of SAP LSMW WorkBench

What is SAP LSMW-

SAP LSMW stands for Legacy System Migration Workbench), it is a tool that supports to transfer the data from non SAP systems to SAP R/3. The data can be transferred to SAP system by using batch input, direct input, Intermediate Document (IDOCs) and BAPIs (Business Application Programming Interface).

In SAP system the implementation data from non non SAP system (Legacy System) to be transferred to the SAP system. It is also called as data migration and the important that used for data migration are BDC and LSMW.

SAP LSMW Workbench processFunctions of SAP LSMW Tool

The main functions of SAP LSMW tool are as follows

  1. Import data– Data in spread sheet tables & or sequential files.
  2. Convert data– Converts the data from source formate to target format
  3. Import data– Imports data in to SAP system data bases.

Import Methods-

1. IDOCs- Intermediate documents method is a easy process, fast to load and low programming for standard IDOCs

2. BAPIs– BAPIs method is a easy process, fast to load the data and logical interface for users depends up on the business process.

3. Standard/Direct Input– This method is a well tested, easy to process and very fast to load.

4. Batch Input– This method is easy re-process, easy to modifiable and all the fields are available to process.

 How to Start SAP LSMW workbench Tool

You can start LSMW Workbench tool by using transaction code “LSMW”

LSMW Workbench tool

On the Initial screen, you can create new project from EDIT option >> Create New entry.

  • Project: – Enter project ID name of your data transfer project, maximum 10 alpha numeric characteristics
  • Subproject: – Update the sub project that is used for further structure attribute
  • Object: – Update object ID to name the business object.

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