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SAP Landscape | SAP Systems Landscape Overview

What is SAP Landscape?

SAP landscape is the arrangement for the server system such as Development server, Quality Assurance server, and Production server.

Development server :- Development server is also known as sand box client.  It is the server where the consultants do the new customization, write new programs as per the business requirement. It has three clients. Such as

  1. Sand Box
  2. Customizing client
  3. Development-testing

1. Sand Box – Sand box client is the place where all the system design work takes place

2. Customizing client – After configuration in the sand box, if everything is ok then recreate the same configuration in configuration client

3. Development-testing – This client is used for unit testing. In some projects integration testing also done in this client.

Quality Assurance (QA)server :- Quality  server is where the team members and other members test the new customization, programs etc.

Production Server :- Production Client is also known as Golden Client. It is the server where the live data of the company is recorded after project go live. The authorization for production client is very limited.

A request will flow from  Development (Dev) >> Quality Assurance (QA) >> Production (prod)


Developers develop the programs in the development server, and then transport it to test server (QUALITY ASSURANCE), after testing it transport to production server.