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What is SAP ABAP Workbench

ABAP Workbench

ABAP workbench is a graphic programming  to develop various applications by using ABAP language in ERP SAP R/3 system. It is a central part of SAP business applications. SAP ABAP Workbench provides various tools to create abap programs and perform development activities such as ABAP Dictionary, Editor and painter.

Workbench used to develop, test and run various abap programs in SAP R/3 system.

  •  ABAP Dictionary: – It records and processes all objects and process data base table definitions.
  • ABAP Editor: – ABAP  editor used to write and maintain programs, editing the screens and edit the reports.
  • ABAP Painter: – ABAP painter designs and maintains SAP GUI (Graphical user interface) screen for a client.

Features of workbench: – The main features of workbench are as follows

  1. It provides support to common and graphical user interface (GUI) .
  2. Easy distribution of channels among servers.
  3. Integration of information that allows transfer of development among systems.
  4. It support to communicate with external applications through remote functional call.
  5. It also supports to communicate with desktop applications.
  6. Workbench tools supports entire life cycle of software development.

ABAP Workbench tools

All the tools are integrated with each other, by using workbench tools you can create programs, interface, web services and access data base connections. The important tools of work bench are as follows-

  1. ABAP Dictionary
  2. ABAP Editor
  3. ABAP Painter
  4. Class builder
  5. Function builder
  6. Maintain message
  7. Object navigator
  8. Menu painter
  9. Maintain transactions
  10. ABAP text elements

 How to start SAP ABAP Workbench 

ABAP workbench can be open by two methods –

1. Logon to SAP R/3 system and click on tool from SAP easy access screen,click on abap workbench and start to work workbench.

SAP ABAP Workbench main menu


2. Enter transaction code “S001” in the SAP command field and press enter, then new screen open with title “SAP Easy Access ABAP Workbench”. Here we get only workbench menu options.

SAP Easy Access ABAP Workbench