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SAP Business One (B1)

What is SAP Business One (B1)?

SAP business one (B1) is one of the important ERP business software providing by the SAP AG and used by small and medium business companies to operate and control various functions like Finance, Hr, marketing and various operations.

SAP Enterprise Resource Planning software is using by mnc companies with annual turnovers of over $billion profits. That is why SAP systems has got a reputation of being “BigSAP”, only suitable for the BHP-Billiton’s and P&G’s and not applicable for small and medium scale enterprises or SMEs. This is a faulty representation of SAP as a company because 77% of SAP’s clients are SMEs.  There is no way for SAP to ignore small and medium scale businesses.

That is the reason for SAP to have developed SAP Business One. SAP B1 is a solution that has been built specifically for the interest of SMEs, companies that cannot afford to spend dozens of millions of dollars or more on the ERP software and services.

SAP B1 History: – Let discuss briefly how SAP B1 was launched.

  1. The first launch of business one took place in the year 1996 in Israel.
  2. It was founded and developed by Reuven and Gadi shamia.
  3. In 2002 this business application is acquired and purchased by SAP, and named as SAP business one.

what is SAP business one B1

SAP Business One is a self contained single solution which is suitable for all the ERP requirements of small and medium scale enterprise and is very easily affordable by them. It covers all the areas of business such as, sales, Financials, vendor relationship management, CRM, procurement, inventory, manufacturing, tracking of projects, reporting and planning.

SAP Business One has been built on the highly reliable Microsoft SQL Server Database and it supports SAP HANA perfectly. The advantage of SAP B1 is its complete reliability, as there is little scope for data corruption or misuse due to lack of security that is a constant feature of other ERP software for small businesses

Benefits of SAP Business One: – 

There are several great benefits by using SAP Business One:

  1. SAP Business One lowers expenses on training: – There are several online video courses that are available about B1 software, so it is not expensive to get training, and it can be easily learned.
  2. SAP B1 has an excellent Enterprise Search: – Using this software you can look for any enterprise data very easily. By entering invoice number you will get all the details of transaction.
  3. SAP Business One enables much better customer relationships: – CRM (customer relationship management) is an added advantage of SAP Business one as it helps to engage better with your customers.
  4. SAP B1 has a solution for each segment of the industry: – No matter which industry your business is a part of, and B1 provides better solution for all segments of organization.
  5. SAP Business One gives you focused solutions and saves time: – SAP Business One hides complexity, and presents a simple interface, which means you don’t have to spend much time on working on it. The solutions are often ready-made and use quickly.

SAP B1 makes your business a profitable enterprise 

SAP Business One integrates with several modules such as sales, financials, vendor relationship management, customer relationship management, purchasing, inventory, manufacturing, reporting and planning. This makes “one shoe that fits all” type solution, which integrates all areas of your organization’s business and makes sure that they work seamlessly with one another. This eliminates data redundancy, reducing reporting requirements, probable errors and delays.


If you running small business, you should definitely consider purchasing SAP Business One (B1) as it speeds up the implementation of any project for high ROI (return on investment). SAP B1 (Business One) can be installed quickly and does not require too many employees to work with it and can be customized as per your business requirements.