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Enter Global Parameters for Company Code OBY6

Enter Global Parameters

SAP IMG Path : – SPRO -> SAP Reference IMG (F5) -> SAP Customizing Implementation Guide -> Financial Accounting -> Financial Accounting Global Settings -> Company Code -> Enter Global Parameters.

Transaction Code: – OBY6

Enter Global Parameters for Company Code - OBY6

Double click on your company to enter global parameters

company code global parameters

Update the following fields.

Chart of accounts: –   chart of accounts  is a list of GL accounts master record that are used by the organisation. A chart of accounts must be assigned to each company code and it  is defined at client level.

> Country charts/Accounts :-Enter  country chart of accounts if the company code that you configured has a special country or statutory chart of accounts.

Company: Company is the organisational unit for which individual financial statements can be drawn according to the relevant commercial law. A company can comprise of one or more company codes and it has local currencies in which its transactions are recorded.

  > FM Area: – Enter Financial management  (FM) area key if you are using funds management and it is  used for  function of  the treasury module. 

> Credit Control Area: – Enter your credit control area key for your company code. It controls the credit limits for your customers.

Fiscal Year variant: –  Fiscal year variant is used to define the fiscal year , it contains 12 normal posting periods and 4 special periods. We can define maximum 16 posting periods for each year.  Special periods are used for Year end activities.

> Company code is productive:- This settings is applicable for your production client., it is not possible to delete transaction data from the SAP system after you set your company code is as productive.

> Vat. Registration no: – Enter vat (value added tax) registration number here.

Posting period variant: – The Posting Period Variant is used to control which accounting period is to be open for posting and ensuring that closed periods are remain balanced and reconciled.

> Propose value data:-  Select this indicator to  make the current date as default date by the system. The valued date is used for accounts payable, accounts receivable and treasury transactions.

> Max. Exchange rate deviation : – Enter maximum exchange rate percentage in which a foreign currency transactions can deviate from the rates enter in the exchange rate table.

Enter Global Parameters for Company Code - OBY6

After updating all the mandatory fields, click on save icon to save the configured data.