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SAP Easy Access Description|SAP Screen

SAP Easy Access

SAP Easy Access screen is known as SAP user menu, after logging in to SAP system, the fist screen appears is SAP Easy Access. After login to SAP system with credentials you are taken to SAP easy access screen.

The SAP system is designed as a client system, you can operate SAP from any computer where the SAP GUI (Graphical User Interface) is installed and connected to the SAP database. For example, you are operating as a SAP consultant from India and visited head office located at USA. Now you want to perform a pending task from head office USA, you can perform same job right at the head office, because SAP recognizes you on the basis of your user id and password.

SAP systems is a client based system, this SAP software can runs on a windows, Unix and Apple MAC.

SAP Easy Access consists the following folders

  1. Favorites
  2. SAP Menu

sap screen folders

  1. Favorites: -Favorites helps you store all the list of favorite transaction codes.
  2. SAP Menu : – SAP menu folder enables a user to work on the SAP system according to the roles and authorization provided by the administrator. Menu folder contains eight sub folders.
  • Office
  • Cross-Application components
  • Logistics
  • Accounting
  • Human Resources
  • Information systems
  • Tools
  • WebClient UI Framework

Components of an SAP Screen as as follows

  1. Menu Bar
  2. Title Bar
  3. Standard tool Bar
  4. Command bar
  5. Standard tool bar
  6. Screen header
  7. Application tool bar
  8. Screen body
  9. Status bar

SAP Easy Access Description