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User Types in SAP

User Types in SAP

The following SAP security training tutorials guides you briefly about user types in SAP. In our previous training tutorials we have discussed about Authorization objects and user master record in SAP system.

When admin is creating new user id in SAP system, he has to specify which type of user that to be assign to a user id.

The following are the user types in SAP.

  1. Dialog User
  2. System User
  3. Communication User
  4. Service User
  5. Reference User

1. Dialog users: – Dialog users are interactive users that includes all log on types of internet users. For example 1000’s of user in your organization login to your system. The dialog users can login to SAP GUI and it checks user password has expired or initial, so user can update his password. It also check multiple logons and you can restrict by parameters.

2. System Users: – It is used to communicate within the system. The system user can not login to SAP GUI and it wont check password details, so only admin can change the password. For example internal RFC, External RFC.

3. Communication Users: – These users communicate between systems, they don’t login to SAP GUI and systems checks the details of password parameters.

4. Service Users: -This type of users are available to a group of users access. The system doesn’t check the details of password and only admin can change the password. It accepts the multiple logins to SAP systems.

5. Reference users: – This type of users used for authorization of administration. You are not allowed for login to SAP system with the reference user type.

Let check where we have specify user types in SAP system.

>> Login to SAP system and enter transaction code “SU01” and enter. Check here how to create user in SAP

User Types in SAP

On Logon data field, you has to select user type that want to be assign to a used id.