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SAP Controlling (CO) Training | SAP CO Module


SAP CO (Controlling) is a function which provides you with information for company management decision-making. SAP CO facilitates co-ordination, monitoring and optimization of all process in an organization. 

Controlling-Sub Modules

Overhead Cost Controlling – Enables you to plan, allocate, control, and monitor overhead costs. Tracks and examines the causes of costs in the functional areas of an enterprise   e.g. Cost center, Order etc

Product cost controlling – Used for calculating and evaluating the cost of goods manufactured for a product.
Profit Center Accounting – Used to calculate the profit of an area of responsibility within the organization (e.g. branch).
Refer below SAP CO training tutorial with real time controlling scenarios one by one in series.

Cost center Accounting

  1. Maintain Controlling Area
  2. Assign company code to controlling area
  3. Maintain Number Ranges for Controlling Areas
  4. Maintain versions in SAP Controlling
  5. Activate Components
  6. Maintain currency and valuation profile
  7. Assign Maintain currency and valuation profile to controlling area
  8. Create Primary Cost Elements in SAP CO 
  9. Automatic creation of primary cost elements
  10. Create Secondary Cost Elements
  11. Create cost element group
  12. Create Cost Center
  13. Create Cost Center Group
  14. Cost Center hierarchy
  15. Create assessment cost elements
  16. Define Cost center categories
  17. Maintain settlement profile

SAP Product costing

  1. Define Overhead keys
  2. Maintain overhead cost elements
  3. Define calculation basis

Cost Element Accounting

  1. Activate/Deactivate reconciliation ledger

Profit Center:-

  1. Creation of Profit Center in sap co
  2. Creation of Profit Center Group
  3. Set Control Parameters for Actual Data
  4. Maintain Plan versions
  5. Maintain operating concern

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